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The Curriculum

ABC uses curricula from several Bible Colleges that teach about faith and the grace of God.


ABC also uses Nigerian College of Education Bible Knowledge curriculum so that ABC graduates can teach in elementary and secondary schools.

ABC offers 2-3 years Bible training program that equips students to function in most aspects of the gospel ministry.


Students however do not need to complete the 2-3 years at a stretch.


Below is a list of some of the classes offered:

Alongside the classes will be aggressive Scripture memorization, prayer drills and community services.



  • Keys to Kingdom Living

  • Knowing God 101

  • Who is Jesus (Introductory classes)

  • The Godhead qualities of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Who is the Holy Spirit (Introductory classes).

  • In the beginning: Garden Series…..

  • The Tree, the Cross and the Empty Tomb.

  • Understanding the covenants….

  • Basic Bible Doctrines

  • Old Testament survey

  • New Testament survey



  • Keys to Kingdom Living 2

  • Life Foundation

  • Essential Truths of the New Testament

  • Heart Essence of the Gospel.

  • The Gospels

  • The Ministry of Jesus

  • Spirit, Soul, and Body

  • The Walk of Grace

  • Basics of Righteousness.

  • Relationship with God Series

  • The Balance of Grace and Works.

  • Balance Between Grace and Faith

  • The Normal Christian Life

  • The Authority of the Believer

  • Acts of the Apostles

  • The Book of Romans

  • The Book of Galatians

  • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

  • Biblical Signs and Wonders                         

  • The Authority of God’s word.

  • Power in the Word of God

  • Keys to Receiving Revelations from the Word of God

  • Social and Interpersonal Relationships 

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