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SEPTEMBER 2, 2022.

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Why Choose ABC?


Every believer in Jesus is called to be a minister, either as a pastor, evangelist, or prophet or even as a helper. All believers are called to make disciples.

In ABC, students are trained in effective discipleship for themselves and for others.


For sharpening skills as ministers of the gospel.

ABC is for anyone who has a call from God in preparation for ministry. The time of preparation is never a waste for a lifetime of effective ministry. Once the grace and love of God take root, lives will be changed forever.


For anyone wanting to become a Bible Knowledge teacher, 

ABC incorporates Nigerian Curriculum in Bible Knowledge so that graduates can work as Bible knowledge teachers in Primary and secondary schools.


ABC prepares young people for an uncompromising life within the walls of Higher Institution campuses.



Why waste a year at home while waiting for admission to the university? 

ABC gives peace of mind as you are being grounded in God’s word while awaiting higher institution admission.


ABC training program is 2-3 years.

Bible training program that equips students to function in most aspects of the gospel ministry. Students however do not need to complete the 3 years at a stretch.

Online courses and weekend/vacation classes are
available at all levels of ABC training programs.

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